Flower Hooded Towel


Transform bath time into a blossoming adventure with the delightful Flower Hooded Towel! Imagine your little SweetPea stepping out of the bath, fresh as a daisy and smelling like a rose, wrapped in the softest, most comforting towel. This isn't just any ordinary towel—it's Fiona Flower, designed to bring joy and warmth to your child's daily routine!
Crafted from luxuriously soft pink, green, and yellow terrycloth, this towel feels like a gentle hug from a field of flowers. Fiona Flower stands out like a petunia in an onion patch, making it a charming and unique gift for toddler girls or newborn babies. Perfect for the bath, beach, or pool, this towel adds a touch of fun and comfort to any water activity. With a practical size of 27"x51" and a hood measuring 10"x8.5", it's suitable for children aged 2 to 8 years. Plus, the small pockets on the top corners are designed for little hands to easily hold and wear, making it even more delightful!