About Little Freebirds

Little Freebirds opened over 20 years ago. I am it’s third owner in all those years. We carry high quality clothes, toys and books from Europe and we are proud to carry Made in America clothes, accessories, toys and books.  We choose organic, recycled, sustainable and natural fibres when we can.

We like to support small local businesses, so we are in the midst of bringing in more California made products and where possible organically sourced clothes, toys, and accessories. We want to support other moms and dads with their businesses to build a group of entrepreneurs who have the time and energy to spend with their children. Sustainability in how we enjoy our lives is important to us.

I have loved every moment of being a mom. I think children are an absolute gift to the world. They are a reminder of what is important in life, of how to be honest, genuine and happy. I have two children who are both now young adults. I am so proud to be their mom. They are two of the very best people in the whole world. I love and respect my children, as I respect and appreciate how challenging and rewarding life is as a parent. 

We want to support you to loving every moment of every day with your children. My vision for Little Freebirds is be a part of the community. We want to host events for moms, dads and their littles. We want to be a hub for the local families to find clothes, gifts, toys and a strong sense of community. If you are hosting a community event, we want to be a part of it. We can’t wait to see you at our events. Together we are happier, stronger, and can support one another thru the inevitable ups and downs of life. 

Please browse our website, visit our store, meet our fantastic team. We look forward to providing you with great service, kids clothing, toys, games and accessories for decades to come.